Graduate School Entrance Exam Prep

Most graduate programs of major rank require the appropriate entrance examination as part of the application for admission.

Remember, some registration deadlines for entrance exams are scheduled very early in the year. Advanced planning will allow students to be better prepared for the application process.

Register for the Entrance Examination

  • Registration materials are available online.
  • Many tests (i.e. GRE & GMAT) are taken on a computer and testing dates are arranged on an individual basis.
  • Pay attention to the entrance requirements of each graduate school – some may require more than one test (i.e. GRE subject tests in addition to the general GRE).
  • Be aware of any test registration deadlines, many are earlier than you might expect. Don’t be late or you pay extra or even risk the opportunity of being able to take the exam.

Prepare for the Examination

It is important for you to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the design and content of the examination before the last minute.

Study guides are available in the Career Planning Library. These books can also be purchased in the bookstore. In addition some external organizations, such as Kaplan and the Princeton Review, offer preparatory courses.

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