Academic Advising

Academic Advising is central to the mission at the College of Wooster.  Our faculty are the core of this model, serving as academic advisors to students before the first day of class and throughout the Senior Independent Study (I.S.) process. While a student’s advisor will change as they progress through the curriculum, the ARC academic advisors remain as a constant resource for all students, at any stage in their academic journey.

Here are just a few examples of how the ARC supports students with academic advising:

First Year

Sophomore and Junior Year

Senior Year

First Year Seminar (FYS) Professor

Faculty Advisor in your Major Department

I.S. Advisor

**Students primary advisor is their faculty advisor. If supplemental advising is needed, please reach out to an Academic Advisor in the Academic Resource Center.

ARCH: The Academic Registration and Creative Horizons (ARCH) is one of the first experiences you’ll have as a College of Wooster student and occurs the summer before your first semester here. ARCH is your opportunity to learn more about academics at Wooster, meet some of your future Wooster mentors and classmates, and ultimately register for your first semester classes.

First Year students transferring credit: The College of Wooster welcomes transfer credits that may have been taken while students are in high school. Students can transfer up to 8 course credits (32 semester hours) of transfer work. Transfer work includes AP, CAPE, IB, A-Levels, and College Credit Plus courses (courses taught at HS that count as college credit). Students should contact the accrediting company or institution and have these credits sent to the Registrar’s office as soon as they are able to do so. Students should discuss these credits with their ARCH advisor as it may affect future course work at the college.

Transfer Students: The College of Wooster welcomes transfer students (students that have attended one or more institutions as a full-time student) to our undergraduate programs. Transfer students are allowed to transfer up to 16 course credits (64 semester hours) of transfer work. Transfer work includes AP, CAPE, IB, A-Levels, and courses taken at other colleges and universities. Transfer students who have paid their admissions deposit should contact Krista Martin or Mark Graham as soon as possible to discuss academic advising and future course work at the college.

Peer Mentors: First year and transfer students can meet regularly with a trained upper-class student who can help with the transition to Wooster. Students who have worked with a peer mentor report great satisfaction and success during their first year at Wooster. Contact Krista Martin to be paired with a Peer Mentor.

Tools for Educational Planning: Below are several tools that have been proven to help students with their educational planning. You can use these on your own or meet with an APEX Advisor for feedback and further ideas.

Tips for Academic Success

  • Meet with your academic advisor more than once each semester.
  • Meet with the faculty members teaching the courses you are taking outside of class. Meeting with a faculty member during their office hours can help build positive relationships and can help students clarify many assignments and questions they may have about the content.
  • Get help early if you are struggling with a course. Make an appointment with a professional staff member in the Academic Resource Center  or search for a Peer Tutor for specific course content support.
  • Keep track of due dates for large assignments and when exams are scheduled in all your classes. Use tools such as the monthly calendar to help to organize your big assignments and events.