Global Engagement Office

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The Global Engagement Office

GEO Mission

The Global Engagement Office provides College of Wooster students with the opportunity to participate in compelling off-campus study experiences that are academically challenging, professionally relevant, and personally engaging.  Programs are designed to: 

  • Enable students to enrich their general education
  • Acquire discipline-specific global competencies
  • Acquire foreign language skills
  • Understand and respect the beliefs and perspectives held by others.

Students can obtain an appreciation for cultural diversity and develop cultural intelligence. Through reflection, they may also gain clarity about personal values and future goals.

GEO Vision

College of Wooster students who participate in off-campus study come to understand our world as an increasingly complex web of connections and interdependencies – a world in which our choices and actions may have repercussions for people and communities locally, nationally, or globally. They think deeply about what is equitable and just and are prepared for a lifetime of global engagement.

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GEO Strives to…

Maintain a menu of dynamic, relevant, and rigorous off-campus study experiences.

Assist all students with identifying the off-campus study program that best meets their academic, personal, and professional needs.

Assist students underrepresented among the U.S. college population with access to off-campus study experiences.

Empower students to design and utilize strategies to maximize learning from off-campus study experiences.

Encourage students to explore global citizenship as a means of developing cultural intelligence and understanding their place in the world.

Support faculty in implementing TREK programs and research and internship opportunities for students.