Career Champions

Career Champions: A Curriculum to Career Initiative

The Career Champions community is a network of faculty and staff who facilitate (or want to facilitate) students’ understanding and articulation of their transferrable Career Readiness skills acquired throughout their Wooster education. We are dedicated to helping students make their durable liberal arts skills explicit to graduate schools, employers, and others outside of the college.


Champions do this through individual interactions like advising, to group events like hosting a speaker, alumni or panel discussions, to creating courses and student employment experiences that develop a wide variety of valuable skills.


Chances are, you’re already doing this! Join this community to gain connections, tools, and resources to help make your work easier.


We invite you to join this community to share ideas, innovate, and collaborate to help students connect what they learn and love here, to life after Wooster.


Resources to Advise Students

Tools to Embed Career Readiness

Take advantage of one-on-one meetings with students to ask important career-related questions.

Learn how to use informational interviewing to explore and discover careers.