What are the best resources for seeking employment?

Job Searching can be a daunting undertaking. Do not walk this path alone. Before you begin submitting applications schedule a meeting with the Career Planning.

When to start searching:

Did you know different industries recruit at different times?

Learn how to:

To start, look at the employment information for entry-level jobs, salaries, geographical areas, etc.

  • Connect with 26,000 alumni for quick, targeted career advice through Ask A Scot 
  • Follow company LinkedIn Profiles
  • Explore What Do Wooster Grads Do with Their Major guides for data about where graduates have landed in the employment world.
  • Visit Glassdoor.com and Indeed to see company reviews


Your Network

  • Attend a Career Fair or Event
  • Connect with Alumni
    • Use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool
    • Ask A Scot – An easy new way to connect you with 26,000 alumni around the globe for quick, targeted career advice.

For International Students

  • Tailor your resume to the job description
  • Draft a cover letter
  • Gather your references – Ask 3 individuals (faculty, supervisors, coaches, etc.)
  • Create a LinkedIn Profile
  • Update your Handshake Profile
    • At the minimum update:
      • Job type: Do you want an internship, part-time job, or full-time job?
      • Location: Which cities do you want to work in?
      • Job roles: Select the types of jobs you want, like marketing associate or data analyst.

Schedule a mock interview with Career Planning or use LinkedIn Interview Preparation Tool.

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