Global Engagement Team

Candace Chenoweth

Director of Global Engagement

As Director of the Global Engagement Office, I seek to provide students with opportunities to participate in compelling off-campus study experiences that are academically challenging, professionally relevant, and personally engaging. I also assist Wooster faculty members with designing and implementing our faculty-led (TREK) programs.

I have worked in international education for almost 30 years, first as an international student advisor, then in study abroad, and eventually serving as a Senior International Officer. Having earned my undergraduate degree in psychology at a liberal arts college (Colorado College), I enjoy working with Wooster students anxious to gain an understanding of the beliefs and perspectives held by others and acquire cross-cultural competencies. I lived and worked in Japan for three years and hold an M.A. in Asian Studies from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.

I am passionate about my work because of how travel and working with people from around the world has transformed me. I love it when students tell me that their off-campus experience was a highlight of their time at The College of Wooster!

In my spare time I enjoy riding my bike, growing flowers, trying to knit, and learning to golf. My two wonderful sons live in the Pacific Northwest, and I visit them as often as possible.

Strengths: Positivity, Strategic, Learner, Activator, Achiever

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