Alumni Contact Guidelines

Suggested questions to prepare when meeting with a Scots Alumni.

Questions about Position and Career

  • How did you become interested in your field?
  • What are your major responsibilities?
  • What do you like and dislike about your work?
  • Do you work independently or with other people?
  • Does your work allow you to have the amount and type of leisure time you desire?
  • What is a typical work day like for you?

Questions About the Occupational Field

  • What are the entry-level positions in your field? Salary range?
  • What background (education, training, experience) is required?
  • What related jobs are available in your field?
  • What is the occupational outlook for your field?
  • Is there more than one way to prepare for this occupation?
  • Can you suggest the names of other people with whom I could speak?

Questions About the Organization

  • How would you describe the organizational structure?
  • How would you describe the working environment?
  • What are the major pros and cons in working with this particular organization?