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Closing the Green Skills Gap to Power a Greener Economy and Drive Sustainability

As nations and industries worldwide make commitments toward a more environmentally sustainable future, many questions must be considered. How can our economies grow more thoughtfully, focus on sustainability, and counteract climate change while also providing new opportunities for the global workforce? In this course, Sue Duke, LinkedIn Vice President, Head of Global Public Policy and the Economic Graph Team, examines how the world of work is changing to adapt to the green economy, what jobs and skills are on the rise, how sectors and countries are adapting to focus on sustainability, and what leaders need to do to prepare their workforces. Adapting to this new economy may seem daunting, but the good news is that a green economy is not only good for the planet—it can also create new opportunities. If you’re looking for practical advice about what you, your organization, businesses, and governments can do to embrace and take advantage of this rapid economic shift, join Sue in this course.

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