US Teaching Assistantships at Austrian Secondary Schools

“US Teaching Assistantship (USTA) Program: teach English in Austria

Welcome! This website is where you can submit an application to teach English in Austria through the US Teaching Assistantship (USTA) Program of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), a program administered by Fulbright Austria on the BMBWF’s behalf.

You can read all relevant information about the USTA Program on Fulbright Austria’s homepage, where you’ll find:

  • the USTA program page, with information about the program background and objectives, a description of the USTA position (including placement, duration, salary, and insurance), instructions on how to complete the application, and useful information to prepare you for your time as a US teaching assistant in Austria;
  • general information about the Austrian school system (“About teaching in Austria“); and
  • a timeline from application submission to the start of the program (“Roadmap to your application“).”
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