Spain: North American Language and Culture Assistants Program NALCAP

“The Education Office of the Embassy of Spain promotes diverse educational outreach programs in the United States. Located in Washington D.C., the primary goal of the Education Office of Spain is to foster collaborative educational programs between the USA and Spain, building long lasting ties among their citizens.

Our flagship program, both in number and scope is the North American Language and Culture Assistants Program (NALCAP). American college students and graduates – who are native-like speakers of English – partner with elementary and secondary schools in Spain to bolster language programs, as language assistants (TAs) under the supervision and guidance of teachers in Spain.

NALCAP falls under the category of public diplomacy programs. As a language assistant, you will be fulfilling the role of a cultural ambassador as you advance English language learning and mutual understanding through cultural exchange. As such, your role is to encourage students of all ages in Spain to broaden their knowledge of your language and culture.

Placements are offered across Spain, in practically every city and town in the country, running from October 1st to May 31st for most assignments. Short term contracts and/or alternative starting dates are unfortunately not available. Depending on the assigned region, NALCAP recipients receive a monthly stipend of 800 to 1000 euros and medical insurance from either the Ministry of Education of Spain or the regional governments of Spain. Hours of assistant teaching range from 14 to 16 hours per week also depending on the assignment awarded.

NALCAP offers recipients the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and culture of Spain while sharing the language and culture of the United States with students in Spain, as well as a tremendous opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Over 44,000 Americans have participated in the program and lived this amazing opportunity in experiential learning. Come to Spain and become a cultural ambassador representing your country!

It’ll be the experience of a lifetime!”

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