PCP Application

Download and fill out this application to plan out your PCP experience and officially become part of the Peace Corps Prep Program! Please use this guide to assist you, as in contains crucial details. Email the completed application to Pathways@wooster.edu.

If you have questions or would like assistance filling it out, please also email Pathways@wooster.edu or book an appointment with the Pathways Coordinator or Pathways Peer Advisor working with Global Impacts. You should also email if you’d like a pdf version of the application instead of this Word version.

As you know, this program is nearly identical* to the Global Impacts Pathway, so completing and following the plan indicated in this guide will mean you also complete the Pathway.

*The only additional requirements of the PCP Program for students who complete the Global Impacts Pathway are:

  • 1 additional work sector course
  • A practice interview or interview workshop
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