Experiential Learning 430 Course Designation Form

To submit a course to be reviewed to include the “EL” designation, please complete this form, which includes information on the designation, EL best practices, and learning outcomes.  Please note new courses may also require EPC and/or DCAE approval, based upon EPC guidelines.

The 430 course provides a flexible structure for faculty to try experiential pedagogy and think about how the course can best serve their students. For example, it could be:

  • offered co-requisite to another course. In one scenario, the instructor may require all students in the 1.0 course to enroll in the 430 course, and in another, they may choose to allow students enrolled in their 1.0 credit course to opt in to the 430 course.
  • attached to an existing course in some semesters and not in others.
  • offered as a standalone course, that is, a faculty member may choose to create a .25 credit 430 course not tied to another course.
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