2021 AMRE Annual Report

ACME Fresh Market

Advisors: Dr. Marian Frazier, Dr. Subhadip Chowdhury
Team: Abigail Breitenbucher ’22 (Mathematics), Luke Pritchard ’22 (Statistical & Data Sciences), Maya Vasta ’22 (Statistical & Data Sciences), Kweku Andoh Yamoah ’22 (Computer Science)

Using several methods, the team analyzed a large data set to evaluate customer behavior and determine strategies for increasing sales. Based on the analysis of customer buying trends and behavior, the team created several targeted programs to increase basket size.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company – Improvement of the Cut Tire Measurement Analysis System

Advisors: Dr. Nathan Sommer, Dr. R. Drew Pasteur
Team: Percy Brown (Computer Science), Kien Le ’22 (Mathematics & Computer Science), Bang Nguyen ’22 (Computer Science), Karen Suzue ’22 (Computer Science)

With the goal of improving the Cut Tire Measurement Analysis System, the team calculated automated measurements taken from a photo to determine how to precisely and repetitively make such measurements. They used statistics to understand the repeatability and standard error of the proposed process improvement.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company – OTR Tire Wear Visualization

Advisors: Dr. Nathan Sommer, Dr. John Ramsay
Team: Minh Duc Dao ’23 (Computer Science & Mathematics), Karl Lemfon (Computer Science), Raisa Raofa ’23 (Physics & Mathematics), Khandokar Shakib ’22 (Mathematics & Computer Science)

OTR (off-the-road) tire engineers would like to understand the distribution of frictional energy across one individual, representative pitch of the tire’s tread. While it is relatively easy to obtain the simulations of the individual maneuvers comprising the duty-cycle of an OTR application, it is difficult to visualize since the OTR tire is not axisymmetric. The team developed a three-dimensional visualization for a single pitch of an OTR tire.

Line 45

Advisors: Dr. Nathan Sommer, Dr. Heather Guarnera
Team: Chinwe Ibegbu ’22 (Computer Science), Tommy Lee ’22 (Computer Science), Kyle Rossi ’22 (Computer Science)

Line 45 is a software development company that has developed a web application called Bensis, which functions as an oil and natural gas asset management system. Ahead of the public release of Bensis, the AMRE team built an integrated testing suite to ensure that the application functions as intended and can be updated without breaking existing functionality.

Schneider Electric

Advisors: Dr. Rob Kelvey, Dr. Colby Long
Team: El Yazid Chalabi ’22 (Business Economics and Statistical & Data Sciences), Demetris Papaloucas ’23 (Statistical & Data Sciences), Marshal Ruzvidzo ’22 (Electrical & Electronic Engineering), John Schmidt ’23 (Physics and Mathematics)

Schneider Electric, a Fortune Global 500 company, is a global specialist in energy management. The AMRE team analyzed a database of client commodity usage patterns and contract details to help Schneider better understand client behavior
when selecting energy suppliers. After analyzing the data, the team developed a computational program that makes data-informed recommendations to match clients with optimal suppliers.

The Economic Impact of Tourism in Holmes County, Ohio

Advisors: Dr. Huiting Tian, Dr. Melanie Long
Team: Caitlyn Denes ’23 (Environmental Geoscience), Hephzibah Emereole ’22 (Computer Science), Mahi Lal ’22 (Economics)

Holmes County, nestled in the rolling hills of Northeast Ohio, is nationally recognized for its large Amish community, and draws a significant number of tourists from Ohio and beyond. By studying the county’s unique tourism product in detail, the team
provided analysis and quantified the economic impact of tourist-related activities and businesses. The team demonstrated that tourism in Holmes County is a strong and growing contributor to the economy.

Community Engagement at The College of Wooster

Advisors: Cathy McConnell, Dr. Sarah Sobeck
Team: Spencer Gaitsch ’22 (History and Political Science), Audrey Holder ’22 (Anthropology)

The team analyzed community engagement (CE) programming at The College of Wooster. The team framed how CE can be supported and assessed at Wooster and developed a plan to implement an in-house community-based social justice summer internship program modeled upon the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty Internship Program.

AMRE Water Team 2021

Community Water Project

Advisors: Dr. Meagen Pollock, Dr. Greg Wiles
Team: Chamari Abercrombie ’24 (Neuroscience & Spanish), Layali Banna ’22 (Geology), Mazvita Chikomo ’22 (Environmental Geoscience), Grace Hodges ’23 (Biology & Political Science), Kai Leisher ’24 (History major, Environmental Studies minor), Luke Wilson ’24 (Mathematics & Physics), Ellen Yoon ’24 (Biology)

Northern Ohio is experiencing more frequent and intense storms. Local communities are facing the challenges of extreme flooding and the burdens are not equally distributed. In a
partnership with the Department of Earth Sciences, this team established a data collection and monitoring system to help the local communities manage excess stormwater runoff.

The Identification of Factors Affecting Low Food Production in High Potential Communities

Advisors: Dr. Moses Luri, Sena Agyepong (Ashesi)
Team: Henry Pellegrin ’23 (Global & International Studies and Religious Studies), Mekdes Shiferaw ’23 (Global & International Studies and Economics), Rosemond Tawiah ’22 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

In a partnership with Ashesi University in Ghana, the team mapped the agricultural ecosystems in two regions of Ghana that have similar vegetation, but very different agricultural output. Through a gap analysis, the data aided in identifying factors that result in their different contributions to the national food production basket.

Political Representation of Competing Interests in Congressional Districts

Advisors: Dr. Angie Bos, Dr. Bas van Doorn
Team: Lark Pinney ’23 (Political Science–Comparative Politics), Jordan Spatt ’23 (Political Science)

Ohio’s 16th Congressional District is one of many diverse districts in the U.S. To determine how constituents are represented by their Member of Congress, the team conducted interviews to identify issues of interest within the district and summarized the consistencies and disparities. The district is represented by Representative Anthony Gonzalez, who was interviewed for the project. The team also created a workflow blueprint that summarized their work to facilitate similar studies in other districts.

Wayne and Holmes County Dog Shelters

Advisors: Dr. Dave McConnell, Dr. Rob Razzante
Team: Sarah Brunot ’22 (Environmental Studies), Kate Yordy ’22 (Russian Studies & Economics)

Revenue from mandatory dog tag and kennel license sales is a significant source of funding for the dog shelters, yet many dog owners or shelter operators are not in compliance. The team researched the causes of the low compliance rates, made
recommendations to improve the licensing process, and created marketing plans for both counties.

Welcoming Workplaces: How to Build a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Advisors: Dr. Amber Garcia, Dr. Ryan Ozar
Team: Noah Leonard ’23 (Political Science–International Relations and Spanish), Eraj Sikander ’22 (Business Economics), Maley Tinstman ’23 (Political Science–International Relations)

Organizations of all sizes seek to improve their diversity and inclusion strategies to help grow and engage their workforce. The team worked with seven local organizations to create tailored diversity and inclusion strategies and calculated the benefits of implementing the initiatives.