As a Wooster student, I had a double major in Communication Studies and Global Media & Digital Studies (GMDS). I was a TA for Professors Nikoi and Hayward in the GMDS department and participated in an internship with Professor Atay planning the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) annual conference. Throughout my college career, I had several on-campus jobs working with professors from different departments (COMM, GMDS, Sociology, and Theatre & Dance) as well as the Alumni & Family Engagement team as a social media intern and office assistant. Additionally, I was on the executive board of the Wooster Volunteer Network for two years and helped plan several volunteer opportunities working with the greater Wooster community.

I joined the Digital & Visual Storytelling Pathway because the classes closely aligned with my career interests and I loved the opportunity to learn more about the industry. I appreciated the opportunity to connect with alumni and mentors as well as the incorporated reflections. The Pathway was a great way to connect with other Wooster students and gain leadership experience while exploring possible career opportunities. I am currently searching for a full-time position while working seasonally with horses on Mackinac Island in Northern Michigan.