I graduated in 2024 with a degree in biology, and a minor in anthropology. I was part of the Club Rugby team since my sophomore year, serving as treasurer and later as co-president. I also worked at the college mail and package center for my final two years.

I joined the Pathway because I was unsure about my future. I knew I didn’t want to go to medical school or work in a lab all day, and I wanted to have options post-grad. The more involved I got in the Pathway, the more I realized that a career in public health was my goal. Public health is amazing because it’s such a broad field and there’s so many different things to specialize in.

I’m taking a gap year to learn even more about public health and to try to figure out what aspect of public health I want to focus on. During this time, I hope to complete a year long public health Americorp program. After my gap year’s over, I want to go on to get a Master’s in Public Health.