Wayne Center for the Arts

Pathway: Digital & Visual StorytellingPathway: Entrepreneurship

Wayne Center for the Arts’ mission is “Enriching Lives and Strengthening Communities Through Art.”  Wayne Center for the Arts (WCA) …

AMRE (Wooster)

Pathway: Digital & Visual StorytellingPathway: EntrepreneurshipPathway: Environmental Communication & ActionPathway: Global Impacts
What is AMRE?

The Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE) program gives College of Wooster students the opportunity to work …

Digital Media Bar (Wooster)

Pathway: Digital & Visual Storytelling

The Digital Media Bar is a desk in the CoRE area of Andrews Library staffed with student Digital Media Assistants

Ebert Digital Lab

Pathway: Digital & Visual Storytelling

The Ebert Digital Lab at the College of Wooster offers visual resource services for students, faculty, and staff.* We function …

Wooster Digital History Project

Pathway: Digital & Visual StorytellingPathway: Museum & Archival Studies

Welcome to the Wooster Digital History Project (WDHP)! Drawing upon the resources of the College of Wooster Special Collections, the …

The Wooster Voice

Pathway: Digital & Visual Storytelling

The Wooster Voice is a student-run publication. It has existed in one form or another since 1883, making it one of …

The Synapse: Intercollegiate Science Magazine

Pathway: Digital & Visual StorytellingPathway: Environmental Communication & Action

The Synapse is an undergraduate science magazine that serves as a relay point for science-related information with a threefold objective. …