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VMware NSX-T 3.0 Essential Training

VMware NSX is the most disruptive network technology in recent memory. Demand for employees who understand NSX will continue to grow as the product reaches maturity. In this course, technical trainer and experienced information technology professional Rick Crisci helps you understand all of the concepts behind NSX-T 3.0. Begin with learning basic networking, a key skill for vSphere administrators. Go over the basics about NSX-T 3.0 objects, and find out how to differentiate the Management, Control, and Data Planes. From there, dig deep into switching and routing functions within NSX-T 3.0. Plus, explore security and how NSX can provide microsegmentation.

This course will also help you prepare for the VMware VCP-NV exam. The new VCP-NV 2021 Certification can be achieved by passing the NSX-T 3.0 exam that this course is based on. In order to take the VCP-NV exam, you will need to complete some course requirements from VMware, as well.

This course was created by Rick Crisci. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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