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UX Writing Fundamentals: A Comprehensive Guide to UX Writing

Taught by educator and UX writer Brooke Rahn, this course is designed to introduce you to the exciting world of UX writing. UX writing focuses on the words that people interact with. This course teaches the basics of UX writing, like crafting engaging microcopy, using words to build rapport with users, and writing with the proper voice and tone for your brand. It also provides the knowledge you need to create outstanding user experiences using the power of words. The course considers questions like: Is your UX writing properly aligned with the audience? Is the UX writing adequate for diversity, equity, and inclusion? Is your UX writing properly deployed for accessibility and the needs of every user?

UX writing is a powerful tool for creating digital experiences that engage, inspire, and inform. This course will help you develop a passion for UX writing and equip you to create user experiences that are inclusive, accessible, and connect with your users.

This course was created by EverCourse LLC. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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