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Photoshop: AI Neural Filters for Creative Edits

In this course, Nigel French—a graphic designer, author, artist, and trainer—offers expert advice on how your creative edits can benefit from using AI neural filters. Get a thorough introduction to what neural filters are, then dive into the different types of filters and what you can do with them. Learn to use portrait neural filters to smooth the skin, creatively edit a portrait, and apply a makeup style from one image to another. Find out how creative neural filters can simplify backdrop creation, change the season in a landscape image, and apply artistic styles. Go over using color neural filters for harmonization, color transfer, and adding color to black and white photos. Explore ways photography neural filters enable you to add detail to zoomed-in images and change the depth of field in an image. Plus, discover JPEG artifacts removal and photo restoration through restoration neural filters. Let AI neural filters simplify and enhance your Photoshop editing experience!

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