Finance & Corporate

Local Social Entrepreneurship Seminar

IDPT 40507. This seminar serves as an introduction to Social Entrepreneurship (SE). SE is the process of creative thinking, innovation, risk-taking, and analysis that creates opportunities with sustainable social and economic value with sensitivity to unintended consequences. Students will learn core SE concepts including the importance of mission statements to change organizations, SWOT analysis, the measurement of social value, and risk assessment. Students will gain a holistic understanding of the social change ecosystem in our local community using case-studies. The course combines an inquiry-based seminar with a faculty-curated community engagement project. This community engagement project asks you to serve in a consulting capacity with a local nonprofit organization. All students will be assigned to a team that will serve a client – a local social change organization or not-for-profit and be assigned a faculty adviser. The goal is to help the client write a plan to support, refine, or improve the delivery of its social mission. Requires permission of instructor. [EL]
Requisites: None