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Enhance Your Productivity with Effective Note-Taking

Productivity coach, author, and Emmy-winning producer Paula Rizzo shares her road-tested processes, systems, tips, and hacks for taking effective notes. Explore how to capture important information, process it effectively, and take action. Discover different ways of taking notes. Differentiate between situations where note-taking is critical and situations where it is not. Learn a simple technique to determine what information is useful, and get best practices for taking notes by hand. Learn strategies for using analog and digital notetaking together to your advantage. Explore some nontraditional note-taking methods, as well as proven techniques for generating great notes. Once you have great notes, then what do you do? There are shortcuts to make sense of your notes faster, so you can spring into action. Discover how take clear and concise notes for others. Learn how to plan ahead and come out of every meeting feeling empowered and ready to get things done.

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