Social Justice Intern utilizes social support networks to benefit local communities | APEX Fellow

Name: Alexa Carlozzi
Major: Global & International Studies and French & Francophone Studies
Class Year: 2023

Organization: United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties
Location: Wooster, Ohio
Description: As a marketing intern for United Way of Wayne and Holmes, I created social media and blog posts using community stories and assisted with outreach, collaboration, and events.

Alexa Carlozzi ’23, a student at The College of Wooster, interned at The United Way of Wayne and Holmes Counties through an APEX fellowship. The global & international studies and French and Francophone studies worked in the marketing department at the local social services organization. Carlozzi created social media and blog posts focusing on stories about the local community. The social justice intern also assisted with outreach, collaborating with other organizations, and scheduling events. 

How did you learn about the internship opportunity for your APEX Fellowship? 

“I learned about the Social Justice Program through an email and an introductory presentation. The position was a good fit for me because the social justice and non-profit field interested me, and I had previous experience in this area. I am interested in marketing as a future career, and the organization I applied to provided opportunities to develop my perspective.” 

What were some of the things you did each day?  

“Through my internship, I learned about the complexities of non-profit work and how to support a community through social support networks. I observed how the organization interacted with the community and how organizations in the area worked together by incorporating the connections with the Social Justice Intern team. My daily tasks consisted of writing blog posts, creating social media posts, conducting interviews, and assisting with events.” 

Who was your fellowship mentor and how did they help you to succeed in this position? 

“My fellowship mentor was Associate Professor of Economics and Business Economics Brooke Krause. She helped me succeed by asking questions that made me think deeper about my work, which truly broadened my perspective. Her enthusiasm for social justice and my work comforted and supported me throughout the experience.” 

Alexa Carlozzi '23

What are some skills you’ve learned that you see yourself carrying forward in your career? 

“I plan on carrying the social media, marketing, and website design skills I learned through this internship into my career, along with my developed writing and communication skills.”  

Has this internship experience changed your expected career plans or altered the way you look at your field of study?  

“My internship experience solidified my career goals. It changed the way I see the non-profit and social justice field. I better understand how my skills fit within the field and the opportunities available for future careers.” 

By Carly Eppler Porter
Carly Eppler Porter Assistant Director of Experiential Learning